Monday, June 20, 2016

An Almost Done Sweater and Getting Ready for July

     Summer vacation has started here. And so has morning swimming lessons. I think my blog posts will go down to 2 a week as my crafty time and my spare time to write blog posts has decreased. I am making some progress on my Camp Loopy project for June and my yarn has arrived for July.

     The Side Squiggles sweater for Floyd (size 4) is so close to being done. I thought I would have it finished by today but I think I was doing too much knitting and had some pain in my hands and elbow so I took a few days off instead of pushing it. Finally did a few rows this morning and things are feeling better. The sweater now has 2 sleeves, a finished yoke and the beginnings of a hood. Once the hood is finished it will be all the annoying things like weaving in ends, grafting the underarm stitches and stitching down the sides of the pocket. I just started the 4th ball which makes it over 660 yards used so far. We had to use at least 400 yards for our June project. The pattern says this size will use 1,000 yards but I don't think I'll use any of the 5th ball. Perhaps it will become a hat?

      Yarn and project for July's Camp Loopy. We have to use 600 yards and a pattern that has been in our queue for over a year (it's buried treasure, to go with the pirate theme this year). It's a grey and a purple, although the purple is impossible to get right in photos. I tried multiple times. I'll be making the smallest size of the Tempest cardigan. This will be my daughter's Christmas present. It will be nice to have 2 of 3 sweaters done for my kids. I think I'll be making another Side Squiggles for my 10 year old son but I don't think I'm going to use it for my August project. I'll probably use cheaper yarn from JoAnn's or Michael's, as he doesn't "appreciate" sweaters as much as the other two.

      And today is the beginning of the KAL for Jen's new book. I looked through it and put post-its on the patterns I'd like to knit. Have no idea what I'm going to knit first but I'm not allowing myself to cast on until I finish Floyd's sweater. 

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