Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Little finishes

Last week I was able to finish up a bunch of little projects. Floyd got a new pair of mittens and a hat that matches the sweater I made him earlier this year. He has one pair of mittens that he loves but they're a little small. I decided no thumbs as it's easier to get them on.

He wasn't very happy about modeling them. He'll wear hats and mittens outside but once he's inside he wants them OFF. He's also wearing the matching sweater.

I started reciting one of his favourite books to get a nicer picture.

Reading books with mittens on is hard.

Happy boy done modeling and looking at his book.

I made these ornaments with glow-in-the-dark perler beads for the kids as their gift for December 1st in the Advent quilt

Floyd showing me his ornament.

Hanging them on the tree.

I made a Boba Fett ornament for my brother.

And finished the robot for Floyd. Pattern can be found in this book.

With all those finishes, I of course started some more projects. This is a Christmas gift and will be a table runner.

The beginning of an I-spy quilt for Floyd.

2 bigger knitted finishes that are blocking today and should be ready to show off here on Thursday.

And after reading this blog post, I've been rethinking what I am making as gifts for Christmas this year. Should I really be spending the time making gifts for someone who won't appreciate it? I could be making stuff for me or making something better for someone who would appreciate it instead of feeling like I am rushing through trying to get everything done. I'm going to take a few days and really think about it. 

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