Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Finishes

It's been a long week here, made longer by the internet company doing repairs in our area leaving me without internet during the day. Repairs seem to be done now so I can finally do a blog post. Here are all my finishes from this week and some works in progress. Tonight is the last Friday Night Sew-In of 2014. I have 2 projects left to do on the sewing machine that I am going to try and finish tonight. You can sign up for FNSI here.

A Jane hat for my daughter, Calliope. I tried to get pictures done when the daylight was good but it is almost impossible to get a good picture of myself and keep an eye on the toddler. This shows the detail better than the next picture. I did 2 and half pattern repeats. I used the yarn leftover from her sweater and I probably could have done 3 full pattern repeats but I didn't want to run out of yarn. 

Dalek dishtowel for my BIL.

Pattern can be found here. I haven't washed this as it will shrink and fade after washing and won't look as good. 

Finished potholders/ hot pads made with insul-bright batting. The orphan block one is for me. I had planned on giving the two 9-patch hot pads to a SIL and the maple leaf set to a close family friend but now I'm thinking I'll give them one of each as they kind of look good together. 

Busy again with the perler beads and made an ornament for a nephew.

Started putting the button eyes on the Owlet sweater. 3 done, 13 to go. Anyone want to come and do the buttons for me?

I have accepted that I will not have my son's sweater done by Sunday, when we open presents here as a family. But it should be done by Christmas Day when we open presents with some of our extended family. Everyone needs vests next year, right?

I finished another perler bead ornament but it's a gift and they might read this, so this is all I can show.

Jen from Knitting Like Crazy sent me some corks. Now I just want to make more trees.

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  1. Love the hat! Enjoy making your cork trees! I love using the corks to make the little cork people (pattern is Korknisse). :)


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