Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Advent Quilt

Finished and hanging up in time for December first. Very happy with how it turned out and that I got it done on time. I still need to fill it up with goodies. Some days will be treats such as candy canes or chocolate kisses. Other days will be notes to direct them under the tree for a gift. These are mainly on the weekends and will include a new movie for us or a family game. I'd also like to make them little coupon books that get them out of chores or pick a family game for one of the days.

I did simple free-motion quilting over all the white parts.

I had snuck some mini candy canes in day 1 last night but nobody checked this morning. Think we'll probably look in the pockets after school during the week since they leave for school at different times.

The best thing I've ever found at a thrift store is a Muppets version of Gift of the Magi split into 24 little books to read and hang on the tree. We've been using it for several years. When we first used it neither of the older kids could read and now they take turns reading the books, sometimes doing it before I get out of bed. The books usually sit in a case and we take out the book for each day as we get to it. I didn't want little Floyd to wreck the case so they went in the Advent quilt instead. Maybe that will be a new tradition.

Floyd checking out the quilt. He loves counting and is intrigued by the numbers. 
I better go fill the rest of the pockets with treats.

Pattern for the quilt can be found here. I made some changes. I didn't cut the blocks down and stagger them. I kept them all lined up. I also did the steps out of order because I didn't read the instructions and ended up with slightly bigger blocks. I noticed when I started cutting the white strips and realized they were too small. Luckily I had enough white to recut the strips that had been too short. Overall I am very happy with it and look forward to using it for many years. 

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