Friday, December 5, 2014

2 Knitted finishes and Sweater progress

Here are a couple more finishes to complete this week. I think I finished this on Sunday evening while my husband was watching Aliens 3. I was in the bedroom - it was not my kind of movie. Above is the Akron cowl from the Everyday Lace book. This is after blocking. It is a gift. 

I know the lace is kind of lost in the variegated yarn but I think it still looks good.

We finally got some pictures done yesterday after school. These short, grey days aren't good for taking pictures of knitting. I love this picture of Floyd and I that my daughter took. I'm wearing the cowl and the yarn feels soft and warm. His hat is a little big but keeps him warm.

Here is the mystery shawl finished and waiting to be blocked. I had a terrible time blocking this shawl. It didn't go the way I wanted it to go. I blame the yarn, which isn't very good, and didn't have a lot of stretch during blocking.

Here it is blocked. This is facing the right way and right side out.

And somehow it is upside down and wrong side out here. Not easy to take pictures and keep the knitting the right way with a toddler in a sling but it was easier than chasing him around.

Fixed it for this cuddly picture.

Floyd was done with pictures at this point and was trying to sneak out. Don't worry, he didn't fall.

All stretched out.

Close-up of the lace detail. Great pattern. I loved the third clue (the bottom) the best.

Once we were back inside I played around with the shawl and decided I like it better upset down. Wrapped around my neck it was very warm. And I was finally really happy with it.

My son took these pictures in the kitchen where the most natural light was. This is the shawl upside down  (but right side out). If I keep it, this is how I would wear it, other than around my neck as in the previous picture. It was meant to be a gift but I haven't decided yet if it will be. 

Making good progress on the sweaters for my sons which need to be done by the 21st. Above is Owlet for Floyd. I did all of this in one day. Love aran weight yarn.

Flax for my older son. Separated the sleeves from the body, now I just knit inches and inches of stockinette.

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