Saturday, October 11, 2014

Knitted finish: Most adorable baby hat ever?

This weekend, my best friend is attending a baby shower for her sister. The theme for the nursery was picked by the older sister and is giraffes. I thought of making her a stuffed giraffe but I think she'll receive lots of stuffed ones. My friend has a thing for hats with ears for babies - she gifted my son these hats earlier this year - so when I found a pattern for a giraffe hat I gave it a go. The hat itself was basic and easy. The spots... took 3 tries and a whole evening, and one bad Nicolas Cage movie, to complete. I may have thrown it at one point. They suggested duplicate stitch which I've never done but I tried. I ended up crocheting spots and then sewing them onto the hat.
Here is the front of one of the most adorable hats I've ever made.

And the back.

If I made this again and for an older child, I would make 4 ears, a front and a back, sew them together and stuff them so they'd stay up.

I figure most babies are held or laying down so it should look okay.

I had some binding left from the quilt I made the baby girl and used it to wrap the quilt and hat together. Hope they like it. 

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