Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A tale of two hats or way too many pictures of my baby

Last Friday, my friend gifted our little guy 2 hats. Although she bought the biggest size available they were a little small so this weekend I attempted to make them bigger. Here he is in the bear hat before I altered it.

And a bunny hat that he didn't like to wear.

Finally able to get a picture of it. You can see that it barely covers the tip of his ear.

Friday night and Saturday morning I knitted an extra border on. First bind off was too tight so I had to frog it and bind off again.

Still able to get it off very quickly.

I decided to crochet a border onto the bear hat and was more successful. Here he is happily wearing it when we took his older brother to school Monday morning.

He kept it on for a while and I was able to snap a few more pictures. Side view showing his ear covered. The hat is light so it should be good for spring. I used sock weight yarn for the border to help keep it light.

Front view.

Back, keeping his little neck warm.

I frogged the knitted border on the bunny hat and crocheted one instead. He still doesn't like it.

I had to hold one of his hands to get this picture.

Side view - still holding onto his hand.

Let go and he's back to trying to get the hat off.


Here are the hats the used up all my free time this weekend. Now onto to something else.

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  1. Nice fixes!! I wonder why he doesn't like bunnies :P You know, if you ever felt like making an extra shawl some day, i'd love to get one for christmas..... something cozy :D


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