Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Writing Wednesday

Here it is. Another Writing Wednesday. It's been a slow couple weeks. I have plenty of excuses for not having much work done on editing "Lucy", like the Olympics and a baby that is always on the move but those are just covering up the truth. And the truth is I have no idea how to edit a novel. I could keep reading books and articles about it or I could just do it. A couple times I've committed to starting and then struggled with where to start. What needs to be done? How will I keep track of the changes? What if I delete something and regret it later? It will be a steep learning curve but I need to start.

Monday night I came up with a plan. I started writing down, point form, what happens in each chapter and what else I think needs to happen in it. More dialogue, more action, etc… and hoping this will help guide me when I sit down to do the actual editing. We'll see.

The picture above? It's the birthday card from my parents to my husband last month. It's so easy to make resolutions around New Year's, your birthday or at the beginning of every month but the card reminded me that each day gives me the opportunity to start fresh. So, I spent a couple weeks sitting on my butt watching Olympics and knitting - who cares. Today I can recommit to my goals and if I falter along the way… I just get up the next day and try again.

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