Sunday, October 12, 2014

Around the Web with a Cup of Tea

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks this weekend. 
Here's some of what I found interesting on the internet this week.

Want to make something Halloweenish? Here's a CAL you might be interested in. Or perhaps sew these potholders.

How some "Brilliant people" scheduled their days. Notice there is only 1 woman.

I admit, I like spoilers. Husband does not. He thinks this article is crap.

Think before you buy pink. Make sure you money is going where you want it to go. It's sad that this is true.

Learn a little more about 2014's Nobel Prize in Literature winner.

This seems like a great idea.

Knitter's are awesome.

I don't think I could do this, but as I said, knitter's are awesome.

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