Monday, December 6, 2010

Few more little gifts and 1 WIP

 I've been able to finish up a few more little gifts. Here is a crochet hook holder.

 The inside. I included 2 hooks.

Another mug rug set. This set is for me. I am still perfecting the binding on these. I have tried 2 different methods so far. Going to try a third that combines the 2.

A little Gnome from Happy Zombie's Holiday Happy fabric line. I was able to pick some up from The Stockroom on etsy with their cyber Monday sale (5 yards for $30 - couldn't pass that up).

I blocked the cardigan for my niece and added a ribbon. The pattern called for a hook and loop closer but I don't feel comfortable putting anything on baby clothes that they could suck off, so I put the ribbon in instead.

This is for the same niece (lucky girl). This is a wall hanging that will be have her birth stats on it. I forgot that I was going to make this for her for Christmas. I cut and started piecing it last night and finished piecing it this morning. Now I just need to quilt it.

This is the quilt in the magazine. I didn't really like the fabrics. They blended too much (for me), being the same pattern in different colours. I really want the Sunbonnet Sadie to pop a bit more than this.

Here's where you can find the pattern. June 2010 issue of Quilter's World.

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