Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Table Runners!

So, I got something done today and I received something too!

Here are 3 of the table runners that were waiting to be pieced beside my sewing machine just this morning.

Here are the other 2. Quilting them wasn't on the list for this week, but it may happen anyway.

Here is the something I got in the mail. I should say we got in the mail. This is a table runner made by my sister for my husband's and my anniversary (which is next week). I had to open it today since the package came damaged and I wanted to make sure it had survived. I absolutely love it but afraid to put it on the table in case the kids spill. Think I may use it in the living room. To pretty to keep to myself on my dresser.

Close-up. Love the mitten she quilted in the middle of the mittens.

The back is just as beautiful as the front and may have a turn or two being the focus. Thanks Sarah. I love it. Glad I got to have some of your cute mitten blocks.

1 comment:

  1. you have so many cool fabrics, rachel! i think i have Fabric Stash Envy.


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