Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Organizing, again.

Where have I been the last week? I have been ironing and organizing. I went through my overflowing scrap drawer and knew I either had to throw some out or go through and flatten pieces and stack them in groups. Some pieces got thrown out, some were set aside to be used in projects (in the near future) and some were set aside to give to others. The rest were stacked nicely and placed back in the drawer.

Look how nice the scrap drawer looks now. A little less chaotic - not all thrown in there. Bigger pieces were stacked together or placed in a different drawer, strips are together and small pieces are together. It looks so nice now I actually want to use my scraps. I took out about a shoebox's worth of scraps and ironed them to use for a project which is to be gift for Christmas.

I also got some more blue and white strips sewn together in sets and are ironed, ready to be cut and made into...

... 130 nine patches. I have 49 of them done and ironed.

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