Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Busy Weekend means a Busy Week Ahead

Well, I have had a busy weekend of organizing fabrics, planning new projects, ironing and cutting fabric. My section of the living room is covered in projects at all stages. However, I did have 2 finishes and was able to post my flower coasters on etsy this morning.

Finish number 1 is a gift so you are only seeing the back. It was started last year but didn't get done in time. It is on top of some reindeer fabric I picked up in the remnant bin at JoAnn's this weekend (I HAD to go pick up batting for all my projects) I think I need to iron this before I wrap it up.


Finish number 2 (almost - just need to finish attaching the hanging sleeve). This started out as a much bigger project but I didn't like how the quilting looked so I cut off the big borders, quilted the middle of the quilt - a lot- and am now very happy with it. If the weather cooperates I hope to take this outside this afternoon to take some pictures of it and get it posted on etsy later today.

Close-up of the moon. I quilted all around it to help the moon stand out a bit more.

Origami crane fabric on the back is beautiful and is one of my favourite fabrics. I bought a lot of it though so I'm okay with letting this much go.

Two projects sandwiched, basted and ready for the machine. On the left is the mystery quilt from the local guild. This is going to be a gift. On the right is a present for one of my nephews - not saying which one. Hope to get started on these 2 this week as they take up a lot of room.

It seems everywhere I look I see holiday fabric. Here is one big pile in front of a little pile.

Some ironed fabric hanging over my old sewing machine.

More ironed fabric hanging over my quilting chair. There is even some more hanging on the back of the desk chair but I didn't bother to take a picture of them.

Projects ready to go on my desk. In the corner, in and on top of the little box, are the fabrics for the quilt I am making for my son's preschool teacher. I ironed and cut all the fabrics this weekend and have directions for the first 3 blocks printed off, fabrics out and ready to go. On top of that in the bag, are 2 holiday projects with flannel fat quarters I have collected the last couple years. Need to be ironed but I finalized the design this weekend. Beside them are the fabrics I ironed and cut for a project I am doing for my sister (testing an idea). Hope to get to that in my "spare" time this week.

Here is what is right beside my sewing machine. The charm pack has been organized and is going to be made into 5 different table runners. Some will be gifts and the rest will go in the etsy shop. And my stack of coasters waiting to be quilted. Flower coasters on top and holiday ones on the bottom. These WILL be done this week and posted on etsy.

A sneak peak of a winter lap quilt that was cut this weekend and pieced last night. I think I will be making mainly lap quilts with all the holiday fabric I have ironed. They make cheaper gifts then big quilts and are less work for me so I can make more. I will also be making some holiday wall hangings for the etsy shop as well. Guess I better get off the computer and get to work. I'll try to post more this week so I am forced to make some progress on my VERY ambitious projects.

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