Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A no pic post

I have been a little busy but don't really have any pictures to prove it - right now.
What I have done - the custom order laundry day has been pieced and quilted. Binding and hanging sleeves are the plan for tonight so it can go up on etsy tomorrow.
I quilted 4 flower coasters and 1 set of holiday coasters. Took pictures but haven't posted them on etsy yet.
I also started quilting the mystery quilt. Did the stitch-in-the-ditch and am now working on adding some free motion to the white parts so the pink and yellow fabrics will stand out. Definitely deciding as I go as to how much quilting gets done on this quilt.
I pieced together backing for 2 holiday lap quilts and started making one of the quilts into a sandwich when I lost all desire to complete this project. They are just so big, a lot of work and I am very pulled to all the projects I want to do for others. I have been asked by a couple people to do another quilt for my son's preschool auction and there are other projects for next year that keep getting pushed back.

So, what didn't I got done? I haven't touched all the blue and white fabrics that are suppose to become 9 patches in over a week. I haven't even looked at another present I am working on that is due in the beginning of next year. The good thing about making quilts for family is that they understand how busy you are but that's no excuse for late gifts. I haven't touched the quilt for my sons teacher even though it is sitting on my table staring at me everyday.

Definitely feeling a lack of confidence at the moment and a lack of direction. It feels like my etsy shop is all over the place and I should really focus on a couple projects/ styles and become really good at them. There are a ton of other quilters out there - what can I make to stand out? Guess I need to answer that question sooner rather than later.

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