Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Puzzle and a Bag

When I saw this puzzle at Value World I could not resist. It's one of the hardest puzzles I have ever done, but I finished it and will be passing it on to my dad to try.

Close-up of the middle. This quilt can be found at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont (which my family visited last year, although I don't remember seeing this particular quilt).

Weather is blah today so I spent the morning making myself a bag. Planning on using this to keep projects in while traveling this summer. Good for the trailer, the cottage and anywhere else I might go. It was really nice to make something for myself.

Close-up of some of the quilting.

Pretty handles.

Looks like it will hold enough.

Pattern can be found here.


  1. Then dad can glue that quilt puzzle together for me!! Nice bag too:)

  2. Love the puzzle, where did you get it? Love the bag as well.

  3. would love to buy the puzzle too!
    who made it can you show us a picture of the box?
    I need to find this! thanks.


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