Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arabella's Quilt

On Sunday, my youngest niece turns 1. I have made all my nieces and nephews a birth "sampler", all cross-stitched. They are very time consuming, so I decided to do Arabella's as a quilt and free-motion the words on. It is my own pattern and I just cut the flowers and leaves out of the fabric before machine appliqueing them down.
Finished quilt hanging in the window.

Close-up (no longer hanging).

Close-up of one of the flowers.

Her name. I didn't write it on the fabric before I did it. I "wrote" it once on scrap fabric and then just did it.

The date.

The back. I really enjoy looking at the back of quilts because you can see all the stitches and how much work went into it; although the white thread doesn't show very well in this picture.

Michelle, I know Athena still needs her sampler. It's up to you if you want it cross-stitched or I can do a quilted one for her too.
In good news, I sold something on Etsy last week. One of my vintage baby quilts has moved to Florida.


  1. Congrats on the quilt sale!


  2. your choice, rachel... this quilted version is very beautiful too! they will all be hanging in separate rooms too, so it really doesn't matter if they 'match' or not.

    i was just admiring your quilting stitches on ellia's fairy/flower quilt, it is so pretty.. do you do all of that free hand?


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