Friday, July 17, 2009

Projects in Progress

It seems I rarely take pictures of projects in progress. I have a tendency to take things apart and change my mind a lot while I go (I once took apart a quilt I was halfway done quilting, right down to individual blocks and redid it). The following projects aren't going to change so they get to be posted.

Wednesday I was in an ironing, cutting and piecing mood so that is what I did.

Here are the pieces for my mom's Fall quilt.

My quilt space is in the same room as our "office", living room and entryway. Cramped indeed! So when I have fabric ironed but I'm not ready to cut it, it goes over the back of the chair. Also backings and finished quilt fronts waiting to be quilted are also stored there.

A little holiday project for someone special. Those are 1 1/2 inch and 1 7/8 inch squares.

Fall quilt all pieced. Can anyone see the mistake?

There it is in the bottom left corner. It has now been fixed. Oops. Better now than after I quilted it.

Okay, that was Wednesday. Thursday was spent at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Friday was more ironing and cutting.

Calliope fabrics for a project not for Calliope. Decided that I will try to give everyone in our family something with Calliope fabric in it. Who gets the project with these fabrics? You'll just have to wait until Christmas to find out.

Here is a project for me. It is my 30th birthday present to myself and hopefully I will get it done by mid September to enjoy it this fall and winter. I used some of my favourite fabrics and need one more to complete the blocks. There are 21 of these blocks, measuring 7 x 18 inches. There are more blue blocks to go with the fabric I still need to buy. There will be applique on top. Any guesses of what will be appliqued and what colour fabric I need to buy?

Close-up of the block. The green fabric I have had the longest and love it. My niece Ellia is very lucky to be the only person to have this fabric in a quilt I made. I've been saving it for myself for years. The blue fabric (I have a lot of because I love it so much). This is the first time I will be using it in a quilt. The red fabric I have bought in the last year or so and is a nice change compared to the other fabrics and the brown just lets the other fabrics stand out.

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