Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WIP Wednesday

     Another late post today. I had 2 meetings and just regular everyday stuff that has kept me from writing this WIP post. I really should call it a frogging post because I have quit 3 different knitted WIP's this week. I'm trying to look at it as adding to my stash. Although it doesn't really need any yarn back.
     First to go was Deryn. It was Jen's MKAL last November. I loved the pattern but as the shawl got bigger I had trouble seeing a shawl in this colour around my neck. It just looked too bright. I'm thinking of making a second Vertex with it since my first one had so many problems. 

      I've done 2 pattern repeats of the Orchid cowl. I had to go down 3 needle sizes to get the correct gauge but it made the row gauge way off and my little "leaves" so tiny. I don't like it. Frogged it.

      And this was the beginning of the shrug for my daughter's birthday but after knitting several inches I didn't like the drape of the fabric. Good-bye. 

       To make up for it, I started 2 projects today. First is one of Jen's latest patterns, Lokum. This skein is about 50 yards less than the suggested amount but I'll just knit until I run out of yarn.

      And this Anne of Green Gables themed MKAL started today. Couldn't resist. I think this is my first time knitting with lace weight. This is 8 rows in so I don't think I'm ruining the mystery for anyone with this picture. I'm on row 25 of 42 now so I'm almost done the first clue.

      One WIP made some good progress this week. I like to wear anklet socks in the summer around the house. I'm using up some scraps to make myself some. Here's the first one done. Time to cast on the mate.

And here is the birthday boy sleeping under his new quilt on Monday. Hard to believe he is 3 already.

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