Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WIP Wednesday - A Little Knitting

     It's been a slow crafty week here. The end of school means lots of activities and meetings. And paperwork for Floyd to start preschool in the fall has arrived and needs to get filled out - so much paperwork! I'm helping at one more event this week (the last book fair of the school year!) and then I should have some free time back. Until the kids are actually done school and home everyday and wanting to do stuff and go places. But I'll think about that next month.

     Here is my Lokum shawl. I'm being pretty faithful to this knit. I did cast on Bonny and then decided I didn't really feel like knitting a top in lace yarn and frogged it. Then I started casting on Viewfinder but gave myself a mental slap, knowing I don't need another WIP  and put the yarn away. Pattern repeats for the Lokum shawl is 4 rows so I sneak in a repeat when I need a break from the school craziness. The pattern calls for 54 little picots on the edge and I currently have 31. I don't think I'll get all 54 pattern repeats done before I run out of yarn. I'm very tempted to try and find another skein of this yarn (Misti Alpaca, hand painted sock yarn, Treefrog colourway).

Here's a slightly closer picture. This shawl has incredible texture.

I think an even closer picture is required. I'd love a sweater with this stitch pattern.

My Avonlea MKAL is coming along. I'm not quite done clue 1 and clue 2 has already come out.

     And after doing some editing today, I rewarded myself by winding 3 of the skeins for my Fogliame cardigan. I might have to cast on later. 

      And I also caked the worsted weight yarn I bought from Turtlepurl Yarns. Maybe I'll finally knit a Vispo cowl for myself. Or would that look too crazy in this yarn?

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