Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WIP Wednesday - A Quilt and a sock

     Still not 100% sure how to quilt Floyd's quilt. I started doing free-motion stippling but disliked it and took it all out. I had only done a little bit so that didn't take too much time. 

     I eventually decided to do some "ovals" in the borders. Using my free-motion foot, and with Elizabeth's tutorial in the back of my head (I didn't refer back to it, was just thinking about it), I started at the beginning of a row and would "S" down. I would then go back up, doing the other side to complete the ovals. Using transparent thread so it doesn't really show up in pictures. It's also overcast here today and trying to rain, which isn't helping. Still deciding whether I will fill in the ovals once I'm done, or do something in the middle squares. The design is still very much up in the air but am enjoying this first step. 

Design shows up a bit on the back.

     Yesterday, the kids had a day off school so we drove down to Ohio to do a little birding. Almost an hour both ways, I was able to get a little sock knitting done. This might be done by the end of the week.

     We went to Magee Marsh in Ohio, which is on the shore of Lake Erie. I found this rock on the beach. I think it is destined to become a necklace. 

Oh, and to help me procrastinate, my sister blogged about a free quilt pattern she designed. I think I might quilt along. My plan is to use solids and just do the center as a wall hanging. Or I might just do the whole thing. We'll see what happens.

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