Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Finishes

     I think my brain may have been taken over by a dresden making monster. I can't seem to stop making them! They do work up pretty quick. Or at least they do at this stage. I know sewing them onto the background is going to take a little longer but I think I've made some decisions about where this quilt is going.
     I made the last 4 dresden that I had cut the pieces for. And then I made one small dresden. I think I like the big ones better. I have 11 big ones sewn together so I...

     ... covered my bed in all the white fabric I had and played with layouts. Here is a classic layout. I used the smaller one to give me an even 12 to play with. If I did this layout, I would cut white 18.5 inch squares to attach the dresdens to. 

     I tried a more sporadic layout, which I thought I would like and had envisioned doing as I was sewing. For this layout, I would piece together the white fabric into the size I would like the finished quilt to be and then sew on the dresdens. I didn't like this layout as much as I thought I would. I think this layout would be better if all the dresdens were different sizes.

     This layout has them really close together. Kind of reminds me of a yo-yo quilt. Again, I would make one big back, then sew on the dresdens.  After doing all three, I decided I liked the classic best. That kind of surprised me.

 Now I have a big design decision to make. First I could make 9 more big dresdens which would give me a quilt that is 76 x 94 - 4 blocks across, 5 down. Option 2, would be to do one more big dresden to give me 12. Then make a bunch of small ones for side borders and a border along the bottom. After taking the pictures above this morning, I went through my cut scraps and separated fabrics for 9 more big dresdens, thinking I would go with the first option, but now I'm not so sure. Any thoughts?

     My toddler has been taking lots of pictures this week. He snapped this picture of me sewing dresdens a couple days ago. The fabric in the foreground is for his quilt. I was able to iron some of it this week. Need to iron a bit more, then it will be time to cut.

      And I finished a sock this week. I ran out of yarn and had to use some leftovers to finish the toe but I think they match enough that it isn't too obvious. Both are Kroy sock yarns. I'll probably cast on the second sock this weekend.

     The toe looks okay, right? And the only people who will really see are my family when I'm home. 

Did you have any finishes this week?
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  1. I like the first layout with the alternating different size dresdens. No matter what you decide it'll be beautiful...yep I'm a dresden lover.

  2. Yes, definately version number . Perhaps with some smaller ones as a border?

  3. I like the little guy. Maybe do 19 big ones and one little. Unexpected and delightful. Or maybe 3 littles, scattered around.


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