Monday, April 11, 2016

A Little Knitting and Some Quilting

     I had hoped to be craftier than I was this weekend. I'm still editing a novel for Camp NaNoWriMo but it's been slow going - chapter 6 took me three days. Making it my priority this weekend really cut into my sewing time. I took some time today to recharge and did a little sewing. I was just going to clean up so I can start a new quilt that has a deadline of next month but got distracted. Here's where my crafty projects are at as of this afternoon.

     I'm done the leg and am almost done the heel of a sock. I usually knit this yarn (Kroy) on size 3 needles and 56 stitches. After reading that several people use size 2 and 64 stitches with this yarn, I decided to give that a try this time. 

I started a test knit for Sarah of Imagined Landscapes. Loving it so far. 

Went to a thrift shop this weekend and picked up a couple fabrics. First was this piece.

     It's Strawberry Shortcake and only cost me 75 cents. Not bad. You can read the measurement on the tag. I think I'll be sending this north to my sister who liked Strawberry Shortcake growing up.

Looked at the selvage as I was folding it back up and saw that it was almost as old as me. 

I bought this off white with a flower design for me.

Can't beat almost 3 yards for $3.20. 

Today I finished sewing up 2 inch square pairs for some Scrappy Bento Box blocks.

     And as I was clearing off my desk, I thought I'd sew a few dresden wedges together to see what they were like. Did I want them scrappy or not? Turns out I like them scrappy.

      And they are very addictive. Above is wedges for 9 more blocks (organized so each dresden will have 18 different fabrics). I had to cut a few more fabrics to help the last few dresdens have a variety of fabrics. Lucky me, I already had 4.5 inch squares already cut that I trimmed into wedges. That will make 11 blocks, each 18 inches wide. I might use the white I bought this weekend for the background.

Were you able to have some crafty time this weekend? 

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