Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP's - Yarn Edition

Have you finished reading yesterday's post yet? Sheesh, that was a long one. Quick post today to show some of my yarn WIP's.

I mentioned yesterday that I was making a Minecraft Creeper afghan for my older son's birthday later this month. The original is knitted and made with 100 squares. I think it would take me forever to knit 100 squares but when I saw that several people had crocheted their afghans and that they still looked good, I decided to do that, too. I bought the yarn at Michael's on New Year's Eve and figured I need to make 5 squares a day. That gives me 2 days to stitch them all together to gift the afghan to him on the 23rd. So far I have kept up, but I would like to get ahead and maybe start putting rows together. This is the first 17 squares (10 in forest, 7 in grass) with my list of how many I need of each colour.

Here are the squares yesterday. 10 forest, 10 grass and the first soft fern square. I had 5 soft ferns done by the time I went to bed last night. 

Went through scraps and came up with several greens and greys to join the squares together.

Yarn waiting. That's a lot of crocheting.

I also mentioned the Thermal Tunic in yesterday's post. I'd stare longing at the bag that held the yarn for this sweater while I knit Christmas gifts. So happy I brought a skein of the yarn along when we visited family last month so I could cast on during our last full day there and knit on it while we drove home. Still have a long way to go.

And I showed this yesterday to break up the words a bit but thought I would show it again. You might remember that I was making the Koda socks for my SIL. They seemed too tight so I frogged them. On December 25th. Then cast on these plain socks. I had hoped to get the first one done before we saw her on the 27th but that didn't happen. I've knit a few rows since we've been home but all I want to do right now is crochet more squares for the afghan. 

What have you been working on now that the holidays are over? Something for yourself, I hope.

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