Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WIP's - Granny Squares

I only have one WIP to share this week as it is the only WIP that I made progress on.
Granny squares. 70 of them. To stay on track I'm suppose to have 65 done by the end of today so it feels good to be ahead. 

Here they are all stacked together. Lots of ends to weave in.

Floyd for scale.

The yarn I have left. The 3 greens stacked in the back are for 27 of the squares left to make. I have 3 squares that I have to make up for after running out of some colours. Sometimes a skein made 10 squares, sometimes they only made 9. I need to decide what colour to do those 3 squares. The light green in the front is leftover from the Soft Fern squares. The bright green is the green I used in making the Creeper hat for my nephew. I'll probably go with with the soft fern but the bright green might be fun, too. What do you think? They would be replacing 2 grey squares and 1 deep forest square.
Pattern is the free Minecraft Creeper Blanket.

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