Friday, January 29, 2016

Finished Pairs of Knitted Socks #1 and 2 of 2016

  Long time no blog. But for good reason. A week ago Wednesday, I hurt my back and spent the next 6 days on the couch in pain. Last Friday, I was at urgent care having x-rays done and some strong pain meds prescribed, which was the best thing my husband has ever forced me to do. I guess helping your wife pull up her pants while she cries in pain isn't very sexy. Anyway, I'm doing better now. Haven't had to take any pain meds for a couple days but am still struggling with some things - leaning over to take food in and out of the oven still hurts, but I'm getting there. I started a new board on pinterest called, For My Achin' Back, where I'll be pinning exercises to help my back get stronger, hoping I don't ever repeat this injury. 

     I have been finishing things. I finished the socks for my SIL the day before I hurt my back. And I was able to finish the Creeper afghan for my son's birthday last Saturday. I also finished the cat scarf for my daughter and this morning I finished a second pair of socks. Guess I have been busy.

Here are the socks for my SIL. I didn't get them done in time for Christmas. My plans are to mail them next week if weather and back cooperate. 

These are super comfy. Hope she enjoys them. Yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock.

And here are the socks I finished for myself this morning. I made the first sock last year and then got distracted with gift knitting. Cast the second sock on Saturday and wove in a lot of ends today. 

Lots of stripes! These are surprisingly comfortable, even with all those woven in ends. 

I still need to do a proper photo shoot for the Creeper afghan but here's the birthday boy using it on his birthday while playing video games.

I still have several WIP's I need to finish but the yarn above and this pattern are really tempting me.

Oh, and I finally joined Instagram. You can find me, @rachel.s.brown

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