Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of Weekend Progress

Instead of doing a weekly Goal Along post, I think I'll just do a monthly one. However, I had a very crafty weekend with progress on a lot of WIP's and one new project that I'd like to share today.

On Friday I finished crocheting all the granny squares for my son's afghan. His birthday is this Saturday so I have a week to put them together.

Sunday evening I wove in all those ends. Over 200 of them.

When I was done crocheting squares on Friday, my hands were ready for a different kind of craft. I started quilting a birthday quilt that I haven't shared any pictures on the blog yet, since I want it to be a surprise, but ran out of white thread. So I grabbed some of the 3 inch squares I've cut from scraps to make charity quilts and was able to make 5 more rows before I ran out of variety.

Added the 5 rows to the ones I completed last year. Or maybe the year before that? I don't want to go back into the blog archives and find out how long I've been working on these. I still have a box full of scraps waiting to be cut up. I'd really like to get the scraps cut up and the quilts sewn together this year. Last year, I was really good about cutting scraps as I finished a project which has helped the scrap box from overflowing again. This quilt needs 7 more rows and will end up 60 x 80. 

After I was done with the 3 inch squares, I took out a pile of the 2 inch squares I had cut up and made a lot of pairs.

Sunday afternoon I sewed those pairs into 4 square patches.

This morning I sewed those 4 squares into rows of 2 x 4 squares...

... and then into 16 square patches. I have enough sewn together to make 4, 12.5 inch blocks (each block is 8 x 8), and I need 5 blocks to make a row. I have 8 blocks already made which you can kind of see in the background of the picture above. I hope to finish making the blocks and sew 2 rows together this week. Maybe I'll even make 3 more blocks so I can finish the third row. I bought some batting this weekend for 60% off so once one of these charity quilt tops are complete I can start basting it.

I also made some great progress on the socks for my SIL. I didn't think I was going to have enough yarn left for a second sock so I decided to give the first sock a green toe. The second sock will also have a green toe, whether I run out of yarn or not. I am thinking of these as eggplant socks now. I think a scale will be the next yarn gadget purchase.

By Sunday evening I was starting to miss having a crochet project. My plan had been to knit this rainbow scarf but crochet is so much faster. I started it last night while watching the new PBS series Mercy Street.

This is what it will become. I saw these kits on clearance at Michael's after Christmas and bought the last 4 they had. My daughter is getting the first one and the rest will be given as gifts to nieces or friends.

And how did I get so much done? Floyd's been really good at parallel play the last few days. He is content to sit near me and play instead of having to be on my lap. It's been a nice change. Above he is sitting near me on Friday while I sewed. My table is still full of toys when I'm done, and I have to take several breaks to help open and find things but it's been nice to get something done while he's awake.

Did you have a crafty weekend?

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