Monday, December 7, 2015

Yarn Misbehavin'

Last week, I wound the last of the yarn needed to knit Christmas presents. I had 5 hanks for a sweater and 1 for a pair of socks. I threw in 2 more hanks of fingering weight yarn to make something for myself once the gift knitting slowed down. The first 3 hanks went well and I had 3 beautiful cakes sitting on my desk. The fourth one... not so much.

For non-knitters, when you open up a hank of yarn, it's suppose to be tied together like the hank seen above. This hank only had one, the one I was working on (not pictured above) was tied three times. I opened it up, put it on my swift and undid the ties, only to have a big loop that hadn't been tied with the others fall. I tried to fix it but...

... I ended up with a tangled mess. What should have taken me just a few minutes took me hours to untangle and wind. I was up until midnight finishing it. My daily to-do lists are still trying to catch up.

Here is the naughty hank all caked up. Had to make a few cuts. One by accident. The yarn really pilled as I untangled it and trying to get a big one out, I cut the yarn. Lucky for me, I shouldn't need it to finish the sweater, it's my safety, just in case I need it yarn.

The rest of my winding went fine the next day. Grey is for the sweater. Purple is for the socks. Green is my second hank for the Mystery KAL I started last month but have had to ignore to get some gift knitting done. And the variegated yarn is for a cowl, for me. Progress pics tomorrow.

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