Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Sneak Peek and a Finish

Coming up from Gift-Making Cave to do a quick blog post. My daily to-do lists are crazy. There is so much to do but it will be over soon and then I can knit things for me and spend days reading. January will be great. I'm not really complaining about making gifts. I do enjoy it and I'm still hopeful that I'll get the main gifts made. I've started to cross off the little extra gifts I wanted to make off my list as I accept the reality of the time I actually have before Christmas. We are opening here Saturday morning so the priority this week has been my gifts for the kids and wrapping presents. I'm almost done Floyd's sweater and hope to have pictures of a finished sweater tomorrow. Here's a bit of what I've been working on this week.

I finally decided how to quilt the last quilt for my mom. You can see the quilt top here, and if the weather improves, I'll have pictures of the finished quilt to share tomorrow. Above is the back of the quilt. I kind of love it. A little different than my usual free-motion but all quilting was done with my free-motion foot. I think my mom will love it.

What the?
I had planned on knitting my older son, Nova a sweater for Christmas. Knitting each of my kids a sweater for Christmas was a tradition I started for Floyd's first Christmas 3 years ago. However, Nova never wears the sweaters I make him. I decided not to make him a sweater this year - I could use my time better - but I still wanted to make him something. I thought of crocheting him an afghan as he likes having lots of blankets on his bed but I didn't really have the time for that (maybe for his birthday next month?). Anyway, last week on someone else's blog (sorry, can't remember who), I saw she was making pajama monsters for her kids and I thought that was a great idea. I didn't want to pay $5 for the pattern she was using so I decided to wing it.

Here it is. Not perfect but good enough to hold pajamas. His room is so messy and he just throws his pajamas on the floor every morning. Maybe this will help?

The back is a fat quarter from the stash. Rough measurement is 16 x 18. A bit big but I didn't want putting the pajamas in to be a struggle, or he wouldn't use it.

Pajamas on the floor.

Pajamas being stuffed into the Pajama Monster.

Sitting on the bed with a full tummy.
I'm trying to think of a funny saying or little poem to go with it.

Now, I have to get back to knitting. I'm halfway done the second sleeve of Floyd's sweater. Then I have a kazillion ends to weave in (only a slight exaggeration). Oh, and there's the sweater for my nephew and the socks for my SIL. And another quilt I'd like to finish but I haven't started sewing yet. At least all the fabric is cut. The next few days should be fun. I'm sure my family won't mind if I sleep through Christmas.


  1. LOL! Your monster looks really "scary":) He is so funny when is sitting on the bed:) Nice present.


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