Thursday, November 19, 2015

I've been Quilting. And some knitting too.

My quilting mojo, which has been missing for most of the year, hit me hard about a week ago. Since then I've finished one quilt (which I'll share here tomorrow). Ironed, cut fabrics and started piecing two more. I also basted and started quilting another quilt. I also pulled out fabric and planned another.

I finished piecing this top in Idaho in 2011. I had planned to quilt it and put it on our bed but never did. I finally pieced a back for it earlier this year but it has been sitting crumpled in a heap under my quilt table waiting to be basted. I laid it out on our bed for a day hoping that would be enough to avoid yet another ironing. I've ironed the quilt top several times thinking I was going to quilt it soon but didn't.

I had to use almost a whole nap time to baste it as I had to redo half of it, but here it is waiting to be quilted.

And under the needle. I am doing all over free-motion quilting with white thread. Not sure I'll have enough white thread to finish but my fingers are crossed. I'm probably going to give this as a gift this Christmas. I love it but I'm okay parting with it.

Here is Floyd "helping" me when I took it out to see if I had to iron it.

And helping me put the binding on the quilt I'll show tomorrow.

Here is the beginning of the third Christmas quilt my mother requested. There will be 15 of each colour.

The beginnings of a wintery quilt for us.

 I've squeezed in a little knitting too. This is the beginning of clue 2 of Jen's Mystery KAL. I'm not even going to try and explain what's going on but it sure is fun knitting.

And I started a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter's stocking. Pattern is Cobblestone Mitts in Jen's latest book, Sock Yarn Accessories

And don't worry mom, I'm still working on my NaNoWriMo novel. I'll give an update on that tomorrow, too.

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  1. It is so lovely quilt! Really great pattern and colors for children. Your Christmas quilt will be amazing!


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