Monday, February 13, 2012

One Thing, One Week Challenge #10

Last Monday, Amy challenged us to get one thing done this past week.

I started quilting this quilt a few weeks ago using straight lines. After I had done a few I decided I didn't like it. I ripped out half of the quilting and then did some free-motion stippling, leaving the rest of the line quilting is as basting stitches. Then I ripped out the rest of the quilting I didn't like and set the quilt aside. I'm sure I got busy with knitting or another sewing project and this quilt just sat there, begging to be finished. I am happy to say it is now finished and is waiting to be put in the washer and dryer later this afternoon.

Finished the binding last night after the kids went to bed. 

Free-motion everywhere. I've seen other quilts with this block that used straight lines for quilting but for some reason it just wasn't working for me. I wanted this quilt to have a fun, spring feel to it and I think it does now.

The back. The multi-coloured flower print in the middle on the right was the worst. I basted this quilt twice because it wasn't lying flat. Still ended up with puckers - but only on that particular piece of fabric. I am blaming it and not me:)

And a little finish from Friday night. This will be gifted to my neighbour who had a baby boy Friday afternoon. Too bad there isn't going to be anymore babies in our family or extended family - knitting baby things is so cute and fast. Might have to find a charity that wants knitted baby hats.


  1. Great quilt and cute little baby hat...I love itty bitty things! Smiles~Beth

  2. Rachel, I *definitely* like this quilted with the squiggly lines -- it looks wonderful!!! :)


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