Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February UFO and a change for March

Here is my February UFO all finished and washed. It's been done for almost 2 weeks - I finished during Friday Night Sew-In on the 17th, you can read that post, here. I have since washed it and took it outside for better photos. Last week we had no snow. Now we have just enough to remind the kids they still need to wear their winter coats. 

I used some leftover bindings for this quilt. I use to have an overflowing bag of leftover bindings that I couldn't close. I have only used bindings from that bag this year and it is now only half full and closed.

This was quilted with random lines all over. Love how it turned out and that it doesn't distract from all the different prints in the quilt.

Judy picked #8 for March which is suppose to be working on a dresden plate quilt. I got out the 180 pieces I have cut and sewn so far and laid them out on the background I had picked. I no longer like it and my desire to do this project is completely gone. I will find something else to do with the dresden pieces but I am going to use the background for something else.

When I saw the Made in Cherry QAL that was happening , I really wanted to participate but since I was already working on the Fat Quarter Stars QAL and the Oh My Stars QAL, I decided it was best if I didn't. Then I started seeing people's finished tops and I knew I had to make it. So I am changing UFO #9 (which I had also set aside for the dresden quilt) to the Made in Cherry quilt using the yellow background and green. I have a lot of greens in my stash and have already started cutting a few. Looking at them on the yellow I like the lighter, brighter greens with the yellow but will still add some darker greens. 

I am replacing UFO #8 with the Oh My Stars QAL. I am almost done making the blocks and picked border and backing fabric from my stash this morning. I am making this quilt for my son and I'm really looking forward to completing it. Above is the layout of the quilt. The blacked out squares are being replaced with space themed fabric and the blocks with a "B" will have a star with black background instead of white. Of course this is just a guide and who knows what the actual quilt will end up like.

I was able to get 2 more blocks done this week for the Oh My Stars QAL. I have 6 big (12 1/2 inches) blocks left with the blue and white fabric and then I have just over 20 blocks left to make with the yellow and black fabrics. 

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  1. Rachel, I love your UFO finish! It's terrific! Such fun colors and shapes. Doesn't it feel good to have another finish tucked away?! :)


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