Saturday, April 10, 2010

Works in Progress

We were able to make it up to Ontario to visit family this past week. However, I spent some time quilting today. I also bought some fabric up north which I will share later this week. Here is what I have going.

Bargello quilt is well on its way. This was taken before we went on vacation. I added 5 more rows to it today but 4 of them were 1 inch strips so I didn't take another picture.

This is a quilt I found in my stash. It was still in 2 (the fence and flowers were separate). It still needs the stems and leaves of the flowers to be attached, so all I got done today was to sew the 2 main pieces together. Green for the leaves and stems is ironed. This quilt is an original design.

Close up of the bow-tie flowers.

This is a pin quilt for my mother. I didn't get it done in time to take it with me but I quilted it today. It needs squaring up and trimmed. I am only going to trim the back polyester fleece and use the extra flower border as binding. I only stitched in the ditch so it will be easy for her to put her pins in and out of the quilt.

Here is the back. I used polyester fleece with no batting. I had made one with batting and cotton fabric back for her Christmas pins but she said it was a little thick (but still useable). Hopefully this one is thinner and will be easier to use.

Did anyone else notice that I am almost at 100 posts and the 21st of this month is my 1 year blogiversary? Does that mean I need to have a giveaway? Guess I will have to think up something. Any ideas?

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  1. You've been busy! I love your Rachel original...and the pin quilt for your mom. Too cute!! :)


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