Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Post #99

Post #99, and no quilts in it! This is more of a what happens when it's after midnight and you have all the things pictured above in front of you? You drink the hard lemonade, smell the mod podge fumes and blame them the next morning for your creations.

Here is what was on my desk this morning. My mother collects stamps and I have a lot of extras lying around. Once the stamp has been taken off the paper, she can't donate it. This is a little project I have had lying around for awhile but just haven't done it. Still need to do the backs, but I really like them. They are little lined paper notebooks.

This one is probably my favourite and I think I'll keep it.

This one might go to my mother, if she wants it. She always needs a place to make lists or jot things down. She also collects royalty items, so I was thinking of her when I crafted it at almost 1am last night.

It's no tv week here and I thought I would be going to bed earlier and doing more quilts. At least I am being creative. Maybe I am just getting ready for Idaho. 1 am here is only 10pm there. That's not late at all!

1 comment:

  1. So neat! Yes, I would have to say you are getting ready for Idaho! I can't stay up past 11 without being witchy the next day. Ask my kids!


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