Saturday, April 24, 2010

You know it's been a good day of quilting when...

... your butt hurts from sitting so long. Which is exactly how I felt yesterday after a very busy day at the sewing machine. I was going to work on something to giveaway but then I got totally distracted by a bunch of projects that needed to be worked.

I finished the last 4 blocks for my son's preschool teacher's quilt. All 4 have be sewn together into the last row. I am going to try and quilt it in sections since this quilt is so big (each block is 16 inches finished).

Here are the last 2. Trying to figure out when I want to have it done by. I have several possibilities. May 7th is her birthday (and also the Friday of teacher appreciation week), May 12th is my last board meeting; June 4th is the last day of school and June 6th is the graduation picnic and probably the last time I will see her. Which deadline will I have it done for? I was aiming for June 6th but maybe I will get it done sooner than that.

Trying to get caught up on my string blocks. Here are the first 3 for March that I did on Thursday.

Here are the last 4 for March which I did yesterday. They have since been sewn together in their row and attached to the first 2 rows. This week I need to do the 7 blocks for April and then I will be caught up.

While I was working on the string blocks on Thursday, I decided I would also get back to working on the bargello quilt - add a string, sew on a strip. I was happily doing this when I looked at the bargello and realized I had been adding strips to the wrong end of the quilt. Luckily I had only sewn on 5 strips. Out came the seam ripper and eventually all the mistakes were fixed. I decided to finish the quilt Friday night.

Here it is. Needs some borders and then quilted but then it will be DONE! It was actually going to go the other way but my husband and I agree it looks "happier" this way. I am going to do very simple quilting (stitch-in-the-ditch), since it is the pattern and fabrics that make this quilt awesome.

Here's a close up of the fabrics. Love it. Not sure on the borders yet... any ideas? On my first bargello I did a piano key border with the leftover fabrics but I know I don't have enough to do that this time. I have some of the fabric that is just above the purple that may end up being the first border (it has blues, greens, purple and orange in it so I think it might work).


  1. i love this quilt, rachel!!!! feel free to make one for us, someday... LOL.

  2. Wow, have been busy, busy. Gonna be gorgeous...your sampler has great colours...looking forward to seeing it all together.

    AND...bargello...brave girl...I'm a coward to try, you have my admiration.

  3. I love the colors in the quilt for your son's teacher! Wonderful, wonderful! :)


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