Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February First and I Already Have a Finish!

I tried to get the quilt for the silent auction done last night, but the binding didn't get on until this morning so it is a February finish. I guess the pressure is off for the rest of the month. I call this quilt "In Bloom". It's just covered in flowers but not in an ugly way (in my opinion at least).

Close up of one of the blocks.

Close up of another block - see all the flowers?

Even more flowers!

And the back. I will never, EVER, use vintage fabric for a back again. It was terrible to work with. It was hard to keep in place. Even basting each row as I went to try to keep it under control didn't really help and there are bumps and stuff that I'm not very proud of. Another lesson learned I guess. Now I can start cutting up my big vintage pieces to use in blocks instead of saving them.

Glad it is done. I even gave this quilt a label since it had a name. I don't usually do labels since I feel a lot of pressure to name the quilts (and no matter what I do, labels are never straight). The name for this quilt just came to me as I was attaching the binding this morning so then I had to add a label. "In Bloom" - I think the name works.


  1. Great Job, Sis! Great Name too:) I really like the flowers in the quilting.

  2. Beeeeyoootiful! I usually struggle with names a bit, too. If I named my projects the first thing that came to mind all the time, I'd have a lot of "This Darned Thing" named quilts. :) Congrats on a happy finish!


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