Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I did yesterday

So, I did a little blogging yesterday, but I also got some quilting done. Here is another block for my son's preschool teacher's quilt.

Here's another one that I got done.

I have enough blocks done of this quilt that I started to put it together. Here is the middle section.

The top row of blocks. I have the 4 bottom row blocks left to piece. I think I will quilt in sections since this quilt is so huge. I am really loving it though. It will be hard to let go of but she deserves it. It makes me want to try other samplers. I usually find them too busy but I like this one. I'm not sure how many people they had test this pattern since there were a lot of errors (frustrating errors) throughout.

I also got these blocks pieced together. I know my sister knows what these are for (testing a pattern for her). The blocks have been sitting on my desk for months but are now all together and waiting for the final steps. Hopefully this weekend?

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