Monday, February 22, 2010

I Blame the Olympics

So, I blame the Olympics for my lack of finished projects this week. I had 3 projects so close to done and yet I didn't finish them. It's hard to quilt and hear the tv at the same time. I discovered some things I could do while watching Olympics though, like go through all the quilt patterns I have printed off in the last 8 years, organize them and get rid of some. This is about half.

I might not start any new projects but I can play with fabric in front of the tv. Here are 12 fabrics for a bargello quilt.

And here are some fabrics for a quilt from...

..."Material Obsession". My wonderful sister got me the book for Christmas and I haven't posted about it. I have decided to make all the quilts in this book. So far I have fabric for 2 of them set aside. Just need to finish up some projects so I can get started on some new ones.

I did do some quilting. This is its second time. I was 1/4 way done when I noticed the tension was terrible on the back and ripped everything out. Think I have things figured out and have started again.

I did get some work done on the mystery project but of course I can't show any of that. However, here is the thread I bought this weekend for it.

And here is what I have been doing during the hours of Olympic coverage (breaks taken for "Jeopardy" and "Lost", and to put the kids to bed). A baby blanket, that I designed, and will go in my etsy store. Above is a picture with the flash on.

Here it is with the flash off. It's definitely not this pink but it isn't as pale as the above picture suggests. It is a pink and white yarn.

Now, off to spend some time with my kids in the snow before Olympic coverage starts up again at noon. Go Canada!

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