Thursday, February 4, 2010

Product Review

I bought this fusible thread several years ago after seeing an episode of "Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting". I had planned on doing the project they did on the show but of course I never did. So, the thread just sat in my stash waiting to be used and waited and waited. I finally got up the courage to use it on Tuesday. What I liked about it was that it could be used in the bobbin or as the top thread. I decided to use it in the bobbin.

I am currently working on a secret project that has a lot of leaves. I tried to go around the edge of the leaf but found it easier to make the line down the middle. Here are some top views. I used the fusible thread in the bobbin since I needed to see the top of the leaf for line placement (this will be clearer later on when you can see the final project). I was willing to try this new thread, since the leaves will require a lot of positioning when they get placed on the quilt.

However, the tension was terrible. I literally tried every tension on my machine and this is the best I could get. Think if I use this thread again I will use it as a top thread. Now, I need to work up the courage to iron the leaves in place. I'm a little nervous so that might not happen for a day or two but this project needs to get done by the end of the month.

If the ironing goes well I will definitely keep the thread and try it as s top thread for a different project. If the ironing doesn't go well, I will be throwing the thread in the trash. I'll keep you posted. Has anyone else worked with fusible thread?

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