Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WIP Wednesday

We are back home from our trip north to visit family (finally). We were suppose to arrive home last Monday, but 30 minutes into our drive home, our car died. Spent another 2 days with my parents before they drove us back to Michigan last Wednesday. They stayed another day so we could get groceries and do errands that are easier with wheels but it's been an adjustment. We're waiting until we find out where my husband's new job is before we buy or rent a car. Hoping we might find out in the next couple weeks.

What I'm trying to remember about our trip is the date night my husband and I had on our last Saturday night there. We went out for dinner and then hiked around some falls that neither of us had been to in over 15 years. It was great to spend some time alone and in nature. Totally worth all the mosquito bites I got. We even sneaked down to a ledge at the top of the falls and sat in silence - except for the roar of the water. Best date we ever had.

I did try to do a WIP post last week but life... it gets in the way sometimes. Last Wednesday, I was done both sleeves and the body of my Old Growth cardigan (and July Camp Loopy project). I had joined the sleeves and body of the cardigan and was ready to knit the yoke.

Today, the knitting is all done. Finished the buttonhole band yesterday, after 5 attempts. All that's left is to graft the underarm stitches, weave in ends, sew on buttons and block. Seems like a lot but shouldn't take too long. Maybe two episodes of Buffy?

Made a little progress on my Hello, Hello shawl. Finished the eyelet section and halfway done the stripes.

Closer look. 

I was able to pick up a little yarn while we were away. Trying to decide what to make with this lovely gradient my mom treated me to. Local yarn store is Stix and Stones. Highly recommend a visit if you ever get that far north. They specialize in Canadian yarns so it's always neat to look around.

And only my fellow Canadians will realize how cool/rare this yarn is. Found it at Value Village. Zellers was kind of the Canadian version of Target but with a decent craft section - I bought most of my craft supplies there when I was teenager and in my early 20's. They all closed and became Targets, years and years ago, and then closed again. Thrilled that I found enough of it to make something. I'm thinking a Kelsey cowl. Or maybe a Legume hat.

Got to love this 1 year warranty by Monsanto. 

What have you been up to the past couple weeks?

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