Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Finishes - 2 Quilts!

Finished the two Scrappy Bento Box quilts I was making for charity. Took some pictures of them this week off my parents backyard deck. Glad to have them done. Now mom can donate them.

Here's the first one. I started doing free-motion stippling on this one when my sewing machine decided it didn't want to do that anymore. Couldn't get the tension right and spent a couple hours ripping out the quilting I had done. Parts of the quilting weren't too bad but when I discovered I could keep tension with straight-line quilting, I ripped out all the free-motion quilting and did diagonal lines across the whole quilt.

A closer picture of the quilting - and all those quilt pieces! There are 700 pieces in each quilt.

Another detail shot.

I'm running out of yardage to make scrappy backs.

Here's the second quilt.

Did horizontal and vertical straight lines on this one. Much quicker.

Slightly closer look.

And the scrappy back.

Did you have any finishes this week? Linking up at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday and Kat & Cat Quilts.


  1. Beautiful quilts! I love scrap quilts, especially for donation, because there is so much to look at! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Those scrappy Bentos are lovely--nice works hugs, Julierose

  3. Impressive use of scraps - they will be well received and loved!


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