Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Another week has flown by. This week is crazy busy here with meetings and assisting (twice) at my youngest's preschool. But I've been pretty good at resisting Spring Startitis and focusing on WIP's instead. There are about 4 things I want to start knitting NOW but so far... I haven't. I even went to a meeting with sock yarn and needles in purse, planning to start a pair of socks but didn't. I need to finish some projects before I even let myself start a pair of socks.

Saturday evening I started the right sleeve of my Cocoa cardigan. Finished it Monday and started the second sleeve later that day. Making good progress on them. Just have button bands to add and then it will be blocked. The knitting doesn't look great due to the yarn being frogged yarn. It had been my Beacon Hill cardigan that I just didn't love. I should have washed the yarn to unkink it before knitting this cardigan but I didn't. This will block out, right? And the armholes were on waste yarn for so long, it left a kink  that you can kind of see, especially on the left sleeve. This cardigan will need 16 buttons (there's four on each cuff) and I'm thinking of treating myself to these lovely buttons.

On the weekend I finished making the Scrappy Bento Box block quarters and starting sewing those quarters into halves. Still have to sew over 100 more halves together but I'm trying not to think about how many steps are left to get these charity quilts finished. There will be enough blocks to make two twin size quilts.

And I finished the Branching Out shawl. It is currently soaking in it's bath while I type this and will be blocked this afternoon. Hope to have modeled shots to share on Friday.

What have you been up to this week?

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