Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Finish - A Christmas Quilt

Happy to share another finished quilt today. This one was going to be donated but... I like it too much and am keeping it. Don't tell my husband. 

A nice, scrappy quilt using the Scrappy Bento Box tutorial and almost all of my Christmas scraps. 

Back is a bit of yardage and some leftovers.

Quilted with red thread and free-motion stippling.

One of the reasons I'm keeping it is because I used so many fabrics that I love and can't part with. Including several pictured above. 

This green with trees. I only had a little bit of it and it is all in this quilt. I'm keeping it.


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  2. Wow! This is so beautiful! So many wonderful fabrics make this quilt extra special - no wonder you fell in love with it. Lots of memories in it and now you can make memories with it. So awesome. Plus it's so fun to see a quilt made using my tutorial!


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