Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Finish - Pair of Birthday Socks

Glad to be sharing a finished birthday present today. And I finished it 2 weeks before the birthday! However, I still have to ship them to Canada (and maybe finish another knitted item to go along with them), so they'll probably still be late. Oh well.

One finished pair of funky socks. (Please ignore the pale legs that haven't sun in months.) To help with the wackiness of the socks, I stared one with the end from the inside of the skein. The other from the end on the outside. They still line up in a couple spots. The skein used for the right sock had a knot near the end and a big part of the colour scheme had been eliminated. I didn't have enough yarn to get to the correct stripe, so I left it - you can see the purple worked after the heel, multicolor stripe, orange and then it goes back to purple. It was suppose to go to a multicolored stripe after the orange. I'm sure my sister will still love them.

To make a more fitted sock (that feels wonderful), I cast on 56 stitches, instead of my usual 64, on 2.75mm needles. Fish Lips Kiss Heel (which I now have memorized) and these socks will be very hard to give away.

However, I started another pair as soon as I cast off the birthday socks. Not sure if I'm keeping these or gifting them as well. Decisions, decisions.
Both socks are knit with Kroy sock yarn. 

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