Friday, February 3, 2017

A Finished Test Knit

Have a little finish to share today. I agreed to test another pattern for Sarah of Imagined Landscapes. When I received the email asking if I could test, my gut said no, I have enough to do. Then I looked at the pattern and after knitting 4 pussyhats in a week for the Women's March, I knew I could knit this hat up pretty quick. And I tested the child's size which was even quicker. 

Floyd was a willing model, as long as he could hold onto his magic 8 ball. 

Only detail is this cable. It would be neat to see a hat full of these cables. Or perhaps a cowl. 

Took an in progress photo to share in yesterday's WIP post, but I had already finished it by the time I wrote that post so I saved it for today.

Floyd looking at his magic 8 eyeball. "Is this a great pattern?"

"Indications say Yes."

One side.

The other.

And the back.

A little big on him. And he doesn't seem interested in keeping it. Thinking I might frog it and make one in my size. Yarn is Universal Yarn, Cotton Supreme, worsted. Pattern will also work for chunky yarn and should be released later this month.

Oh, and I'll be making some of these for the March for Science on April 22nd. Any family members need one?

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  1. Great hat on a great model! Looking forward to your knitted GENEie Hats!


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