Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Where did the last week go? I've been made some progress on a few WIP's.

The crocheted afghan should be twice as long. But it isn't because I had to restart it twice since last Wednesday. The first time was because my foundation chain had been too tight. So I started over using a bigger hook for the foundation chain, switching to a smaller hook before I started the first row. The second time I restarted was when I stretched it out after finishing the first skein. It was way too long and after doing the math, I'd have a great diving board cozy when I was done, but not a very good afghan for a couple. Anyway, I'm almost done the second skein now and am very happy about the size.

A closer picture of the colorful goodness.

And I've been doing a pattern repeat a day on the Hogmanay shawl

A closer look. I know the shawl will look great after blocking and the lace gets all stretched out.

And I cast on the first mitten of a pair of Run Around mitts I'm making for my sister's birthday next month. Loving how the yarn is knitting up.

And my mom sent me some pictures this week. Above is the 34 flower buttons I made her during the holidays.

And laid out on the comforter she's stitching them onto. 

And the lovely socks I knit her for Christmas but forgot to take a picture of. Looking good mom.

And she sent along this bonus picture. Several years ago, I don't even know what year to check for a previous blog post, I made her a pin quilt to hold all of her Christmas/ Holiday/ Winter pins. It's pretty full and makes a great decoration.  I found it! I made her the pin quilt in October, 2009.

What have you been working on this week?

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