Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Socktober Progress

In last Friday's post, I mentioned I had yarn for the next two pair of socks needing to be knit for Christmas gifts sitting beside me. Floyd didn't nap, but I was able to get started on both pairs. Here's the progress I made.

Friday evening, the beginning of the first sock came with me to my daughter's cross-country running meet.

I knit some more at home Friday night and this is what the sock looked like at my son's soccer game Saturday morning.

We watched the Back to the Future trilogy this weekend and by Monday morning I was 2 inches from the toe. 
I have to mention the needles I am using for these socks. I have always used the "cheap" metal dpn's bought at JoAnn's or Michael's but when I was at JoAnn's last week with my parents, I saw some wooden needles on sale and bought them. They are from the Deborah Norville collection by Premier Yarns. They are 6 inches, my other needles are 7 but what a difference. I am so happy I bought the wooden ones. The stitches don't slide and I love that the needles don't get stuck on my sleeve. I am very happy with them. I have some Clover bamboo needles which I also like, but these are a nice, cheaper, wood option.

Finished the first sock last night while watching the Canadian election results (bye-bye Harper).

Love the stripes. Doubt the second one will match up but that's okay.

The second pair I started are a little trickier but have been fun to knit. Pattern is Cusp by Cookie A. I also bought a smaller pair of the wooden needles. These are 2.75mm, while the needles for the striped socks are 3.25mm.

I see lots of knitting in my future this week. Last week my husband was home sick 3 days with a cold and now Floyd and I are battling it. Lots of sitting on the couch and watching tv happening here. 

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