Friday, October 16, 2015

Finished Pair of Socks #9 and a hat

It's been pretty quiet on the blog, hasn't it? Not many excuses,  I didn't really have much to blog about. I've been making progress on several projects and I've been able to finish 2. My 9th pair of socks for the year were finished this morning and are now with all the other finished Christmas presents waiting to go to their new home in a couple months. I also finished a hat that I couldn't resist.

Here are the socks. Kroy sock yarn. Stripes didn't even come close to matching up and I like it. As nice as it was that the stripes lined up last time, I don't think I have a preference either way. I have yarn beside me for the next two pair of socks to be knitted for gifts. I'll probably cast on both this afternoon if Floyd cooperates and has a nap (he's skipped his nap 2 days this week). 

I wasn't sure about this yarn when it was in a skein but I love how they turned out.

Jen's latest book, Sock-Yarn Accessories arrived here a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to cast something on from it. I finally decided on the Forest Walk hat. I've been wanting a light hat that can be worn when I need just a little bit of warmth. All my other hats are thick and very warm. This hat is light enough that I wore it for several hours inside after I finished knitting it. I still need to block it so there might be more pictures of it later. The only change I made was to do 2 instead of 3 repeats of the lace pattern.

I love leaves and any pattern with them is hard for me to resist. 

Trying to decide what I want to knit next out of the book. I'm thinking Dundee scarf. I've also decided I need a Knit Like Crazy knitting queue and an everything else knitting queue. I just love Jen's patterns so much and how they are written. And I know she's friendly and is great responding to any questions or concerns a knitter has about one of her patterns. She also released a new ebook this month. She'll be adding patterns to it until December (there are currently 2) but if you buy it now, it's cheaper - the price goes up $1 every time she adds a pattern. (I'm not paid to promote Jen's patterns, I just enjoy them a lot and recommend them. Especially anyone new to knitting lace.)

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  1. Love the stripey socks. The colors are great! The hat is awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying the book. :)


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