Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Wednesday

Been busy with NaNoWriMo. Above is a view of my "Stats" page. The top graph is my progress. I've been above the line everyday and have been averaging about 2,000 words a day. The lower graph is for the Ann Arbor region. Yesterday's goal was to be at 8, 333 words and I ended the day at 10,632.

Today's goal is to be at 10,000. It's nice to be ahead right now. I've mainly been writing at night once all the kids have gone to bed. It's too difficult during a weekday when it's just me and the baby. I use any spare time I get during the day to knit and think about my novel then write like crazy after the baby falls asleep at night.

It doesn't help that most daytime naps are taken in my arms or on my lap. Good thing he's cute.

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