Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Non-Writing Wednesday

Technically I'm still doing NaNoWriMo and until today I was actually ahead of schedule with my word count. However, the past week it has been a struggle. I don't like my story. Not one bit of it. I don't like the characters. I don't like what they're doing or what's happened to them. There isn't anything I'd want to save. I started stumbling around 23,000 words last week - thus no writing Wednesday post - but refocused on the weekend telling myself to try and get to 30,000 and if I still felt the same way, I would stop. I now have over 31,000 words and I still don't like and I'm ashamed of the crappy 8,000 words I forced myself to write. I know that part of NaNoWriMo is just getting the writing out and leave the editing for later but when I think about editing I realize I want to delete the whole thing except the first half of the first sentence. So, yesterday I didn't write a single word all day. A first for this November, and it felt freeing. I wasn't forcing myself to work on something that clearly wasn't working just to say I won NaNoWriMo. I haven't written again today but I'm not deleting the story yet. You never know; I may come up with a way to save it and write another 20,000 words before the end of the month. Or maybe not. And that's okay. 
So, what have I been doing the past two days with no writing?

Finally working on some Christmas presents. I currently have 2 complete and many more on my list. I made the pieces for an owl last night. Still need to put him together.

Went through patterns and yarns again today to refocus. These are yarns for the baby. On the left are some chunky yarns for booties - they are almost done. The grey and blue are for the hat and the green is for his stocking. The green had been new but I was using it last week to make a hat for a nephew that just wasn't working. I frogged it so many times I lost count and have given up on the pattern. Now the yarn will be something different. The other yarns are from the stash.

Frogging some other projects to make a cowl as a gift. Still not sure who it will be for. Just hoping it looks good.

Slowly making progress on a mystery shawl. Last clue comes out this Friday. I'm almost done clue 1. This will be a gift for my SIL.

Doing a short cardigan for myself. Hard to see the shape here. Need to separate the sleeves from the body next.

And I couldn't resist sharing this little guy. He's figured out that sometimes I am knitting or crocheting behind him and he grabs the yarn.

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