Friday, November 29, 2013

An Update with some Finishes

After a few days of not writing at all, I decided to finish my NaNoWriMo novel I have just under 3,000 words left. I think I can handle that. Still don't really like it but willing to finish it.

Been loving my public library lately. Glad that we go every weekend as a family. Here are my stack of writing books. Notice three Writer's Markets. I'm not looking to send anything off but the articles at the beginning sometimes have good advice. And yes, there are books there about publishing a children's book. I've been kicking some ideas around for years (about 11 years to be exact) and started to think about polishing them and perhaps sending them out next year. Who knows if that will happen but thought it can't hurt to look into it.

Knitting books. The top two need to go back to the library soon, can't renew them. 

Books I hope to read once I'm done writing this month. I finished the "Willow" graphic novel yesterday as it has to be returned to the library tomorrow. I'm looking forward to "Spike" once I complete my NaNoWriMo novel.

On the days I didn't write I finally used my sewing machine. First time since we moved here a few months ago. The little guy was in need of some bibs. I had some terrycloth leftover from making him cloths so I used those on the back and was able to make 4 bibs. I had some snaps in the stash, too. I used the Liberty Bibs pattern found here. I made two with the Superman fabric seen here before he started eating.

He likes to chew on his sippy cup.

All done eating (squash, I think). Bib worked.

And I made two with orange fabric.

This is his latest funny face. 

After having rice cereal. Bib worked.
Think I'm going to make him a few more. Wish I was making these when all my nephews and nieces were little. These would have made great gifts.

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  1. hey rachel... don't make too many bibs for my littlest nephew.. there may be a few under my tree for him :D

    would love a preview of any children's books you have in the works.. if you're ever ready to share. i don't think i've ever read any of your writing, and i'd love to some day :D


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